f Give me some shit Sick girl love
  • Baby: i..i...i
  • Dad: omg!! her first words!!
  • Baby: Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, east London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The band's discography has grown to thirty-seven albums, including fifteen studio albums, eleven live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations.

My parents are going to mariners songs festival but in rock versions and idk I was there year ago but this time I might get drunk and harrass young boys and shit

I’m just anger and jealousy right now


This is my Grandad in the 50s - 60s and he was a handsome old devil, he still is. He’s my best friend & one night, after many nights of being told his war stories and how he trekked the depths of the desserts & swam in the saltiest of seas, he told me how he met the love of his life, my Grandma & I cried, so did he, it was the first time he’d ever told it in about 54 years.

Back in around 1960, my grandad was a huge player, he would date about 5 women at once and would travel from city to city with his best friend Billy visiting all his girlfriends, he would spend about 2 days with each of them.
He had a large group of friends who were all greasers and were proper lads with their cars & hair wax. Anyway, one weekend they decided to go for a lads weekend away & went down South to the beach, on the beach he sat in his broken deck chair, having a cig & saw this blonde haired, tall, slim young woman In a white bikini walk through his view with another girl in a blue bikini, they went and laid on their towels a few feet away from my Grandad and Billy, obviously this was their chance to add yet another girlfriend into the list. Billy asked my grandad which one preferred, my Grandad said the one in white & so they walked over. My grandma slapped my grandads feet as soon as he knelt down next to her because he’d kicked sand onto her whilst walking towards them. As annoyed as she was to have sand sticking to the tanning oil on her back, she agreed to go for a drink with him. The four of them went on a double date to the restaurant my grandma and her friend waitressed at. They saw eachother for a few days before Billy and my grandad hopped back in their car on headed back up north, but back in the 60s, travelling wasn’t easy and all the roads had been blocked because of a bridge collapse and they had no way of getting home. So they went back to the hotel they’d been staying at and checked back in. My grandad met up with my grandma again, they spent a week together this time & according to my grandma he was really cocky. My grandma didn’t want to pursue it any further but in the words of my grandad ‘she was my Hungarian angel’. With much convincing she agreed to write to him and be written back in return. When he was able to, he headed back up to Manchester & wrote her every week. She wrote back too. He promised her, he’d marry her. And he did. He took her away from ever having to work again, he worked & she lived the life of luxury.
He still has her letters, he won’t let anyone read them because he wants them to be kept smelling the same as they did back then & safe. They my rocks. I love them both so much. My grandad is hilarious okay, he’s fucking funny as hell. But he was so serious and deep when telling me all about how he met his ‘foreign honey’


im so ugly can i have a refund


Lemmys face keeps appearing in random things lol, this proves he’s God


life motto: marry a rockstar or don’t get married at all